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Restoring Wholeness with Prosthetics  


“Your knowledge and expertise in finger prosthetics were more than I could hope for. Not only did you help me get my confidence back but you also made the entire process an easy and enjoyable one.”

“You were there supporting me from the very beginning with the Workers Compensation staff and doctor right down to the end with our appointment.”

“It's been a wonderful experience working with you! Thank you so much for how passionate you are in helping people have better lives.” 

"Thank you for your assistance with this. Everybody else through this whole process has been incompetence and I've had to get rid of them and get a new person to replace them. Except for you guys! You're so on the ball but I haven't even considered hiring somebody else to do a prosthetic. You did a great job with the last one and I love how you keep in touch."

“The life-like appearance is amazing and the prosthesis stays on with confidence during normal everyday movements. You can even paint the nail if you like! No one even notices it--not even when I’m asked to show them my wedding ring. I am extremely grateful to Bross and Associates. The prosthesis truly took a part of my life that I was constantly embarrassed and self-conscious about and made it a small detail I rarely think or worry about now.” 

“You are a wonderful and caring person and I am so glad that we lucked out having you in this ordeal. You have a way of putting my heart at peace and I am very grateful for that. Thanks for being there.”

“You do an excellent job and patients are truly happy with the results. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Sandra! I continue to admire your fearless patient advocacy and work ethic. You are a blessing! You are a gift to Medicine!”

Sandra Bross R.N., B.S.N.

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- Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UCLA
- Nurse Case Manager in Workers’ Compensation
- “Nurse who made the Difference” award at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica
- Board member of the Case Management Society of America, Member of Rehabilitation Nurses Society, Member of Southern California Association of Occupational Health Nurses
- UCLA One Professional Community
- Naked Prosthetics Workshop 4-12-2020
- Ossur Clinical Update 4-28-2020

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