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Adjusting to life with an amputation is a challenge. An amputation is a traumatic event and it takes time, healing, and support to be restored to wholeness. Bross and Associates are here to help you with a variety of prosthetic options.

All prosthesis are custom made using state-of-the-art technology for proper fit, likeness, character, and color. The prosthesis helps to transfer vibrations, keep warm, and to protect delicate tissue at the site of the amputation.

Prosthesis are handcrafted from high definition silicone and hand-painted to match skin tone including freckles, hairs, and tattoos with realistic fingernails.

Prosthetics provide psychological, functional, and rehabilitative advantages for the client. Restoring a natural appearance helps to eliminate the trauma generated by the disability and represents an effective psychological therapy.

Finger and hand prosthetics provide a passive function such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping, and typing.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide professional, personal, and compassionate services in restoring one to wholeness.

Medical Necessity

The ODG Forearm, Wrist, and Hand section describe the criteria for a fabricated prosthesis as follows: “Prosthesis may be considered medically necessary when: 1. The patient will reach or maintain a defined functional state within a reasonable period of time. 2. The patient is motivated to learn to use a limb. 3. The prosthesis is furnished incident to a physician’s services or on a physician’s order as a substitute for missing a body part.”


Each prosthesis is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty when proper and adequate care is given to the prosthesis against any manufacture’s defect. A 2-year warranty applies when a duplicate device is provided at the same time and the devices are worn alternatively to avoid excessive wear. With proper care, an average prosthesis will last 2 to 4 years.